Mozé begins the bespoke jean process with the initial consultation. Clients are able to choose the fit style and denim fabric, stitch color and type, lining and pocket bag fabric, and the type of hardware and closing details. Only the best denim fabrics are available, with a focus on loom and dye types and choices for selvedge and sanforized/unsanforized options. The jeans are finished in Mack’s tailorshop in NYC, where he puts on the final touches with an impressive collection of vintage machinery for stitching details typically only found with denim manufactures. 

The Fit: Rogue Standard- Straight semi-slim.

The basis for the fit is similar to the made-to-measure suit, with the option for a finished fit (Rogue Standard or a tailored jean, as well as customizable options for finishing and hardware details.

With this being said, these already have a great standard fit and we think most clients wouldn’t want to change a thing.


Mack Mozé is a sought after master tailor and denim specialist. Mack began his career tailoring for some of the most successful denim brands and high-end suiting labels in the industry, and now has an impressive resume of on-set tailoring work with some of the best fashion editorials around. After years creating custom denim and suiting for a select clientele, he began designing his own clothing label under his own name.

The label launches in NYC Winter of 2019, with a denim line integrating the Made-To-Measure premise. Clients will have the option to keep our Rogue Standard fit,or tailor this fit to their preferences. Both options allow clients to select from various enamel colors of a customized hardware, as well as choose the color and type of stitching details.